What is Judo?

Did you know? A practitioner of Judo is called a Judoka.

Judo is practiced by millions of people throughout the world today. To some, it’s a sport, while to others, it’s a recreational activity or even self-defense. But most importantly, the art of Judo incorporates many elements that are required in life such as, self-confidence, concentration, and leadership skills. It also keeps our bodies in healthy shapes, which makes the sport suitable for all ages to practice.

The quintessence of Judo is to use the least amount of energy and to maximize your efficiency to counter your opponent. The spirit of Judo is to use the power of softness to control hardness (”Ju” means ”soft” in Chinese). In simpler terms, if you try to resist a more powerful opponent, this would lead to your defeat. While dueling your opponent, you should apply just enough power to balance and evade the attacks of your opponent, which would cause him lose balance and secure your victory.

Just like any other sports, Judo has its own unique scoring system. Once a successful throw is performed, or a pin lasting 20 seconds then  ‘One full point’ (ippon) is awarded. When a successful throw lacking control and power, or when a pin lasting 10 seconds occur, a ‘One-half point’ (waza-ari) is awarded for the player.