Half of the world’s track and field records to be erased?

As modern track and field regulations evolve and become ever-strict, officials are proposing the removal of many previous records. This is an effort to combat the many doping issues that have been emerging recently. The erased records are any before 2005 when the European track and field committee began storing athlete samples.

“What we are proposing is revolutionary, not just because most world and European records will have to be replaced but because we want to change the concept of a record and raise the standards for recognition a point where everyone can be confident that everything is fair and above board,” European Athletics Council President Svein Arne Hansen said in a Council meeting.

Writer’s thoughts:

This is a controversial move that will erase 74 out of 145 records, causing affected athletes to push back. These kinds if changes will be unfair to legitimate record-holders, but it is an effective way to remove the bad lemons that tarnish the reputation of the other athletes. I believe as with when many standards are formed, sacrifices need to be made. Though, the Council could have chosen a better method, such as announcing the old records to be “pre-new regulation world record”. 



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