Countdown to TEDxJianguoHigh! See you on 10/29

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關於邀請到的優秀講者等更多資訊可以在這裡察看。我們邀請到各方知名人士如前行政院長張善政,之初創投CTO Bird Liang,雷倩博士,作家張大春,嘉朋漢坊教育首席執行長馮宇辰等。



The details are out! TEDxJianguoHigh will be on October the 29th, in our beautiful 建中夢紅樓!

To check out our awesome speakers and more information click here. We have invited prominent speakers such as our previous President of the Executive Yuan 張善政, AppWorks CTO Bird Liang, Dr. 雷倩, author 張大春, Managing Director of Alpha Partners Education Ethan Feng, and many more.

Stay posted for more updates!



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