Can a $110M acquisition of Vurb save Snapchat?

Since Instagram’s new Stories feature came out, many have been focusing on the huge similarities is has with Snapchat. While some say that it might’ve killed Snapchat with more a more intuitive interface, stats from mobile app tracking firm App Annie [Yahoo News] say otherwise.

Whether or not Instagram is putting up a fight, it seems Snapchat is still busy with its own problems, and the same problems as many other social media platforms (even giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram itself), which is sorting out revenue streams.

So what is Vurb, and how is it worth $110 million [TheNextWeb] to Snapchat?

Vurb is a┬ádiscovery engine that uses Google’s Knowledge Graph data and combines it with its users’ interests. This could provide another useful feature for Snapchat: the ability to let users search in Snapchat and have useful results show up, creating potential for businesses to advertise, and for Snapchat to monetize in a much more natural-feeling way.

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