Universiade Billiards Player: Shu, Rui An | 中文

Universiade Billiards player Shu, Rui-An, after being invited to Taipei Radio, shared his emotional journey and experiences on the “Sports Spotlight” show in March. He recounts the early years of practice with his father from the tender age of 10, and his life changing decision to train professionally from third grade onward.

He is thankful for his billiard coach, Yang, Xin Mei, who has inspired him to succeed at the sport.

During the show, Shu, Rui-An, also mentioned the differences between billiards and other sports, saying “billiards, compared to other sports, is much more about concentration and much less about athleticism, similar to how chess requires the ability to plot and not lose focus for a single moment, topped off with muscle endurance, to finally achieve an accurate shot every time: professional billiards competitions are won through clear thought, emotional stability, and a firm grasp on the rhythm in a competition.”

Shu, Rui-An recalled being ridiculed on the eve of an international competition when he was 15 years old. The words tore at his self-esteem and he began to view himself as a burden, a waste of his family’s support. However, after returning home, Shu, Rui-An further pushed himself in training and defeated the very opponents who had looked down on him before. Due to the more conservative culture in Taiwan, billiards still has a negative connotation, and Shu, Rui-An is thankful for the support his parents have given along the way.

Shu, Rui-An describes his dreams as “…more than just becoming the victor, but also wishing to let the world know of me through billiards!”


撞球選手 許睿安